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  •  Easy Stories

     The Problem

    Let's face it, learning Latin is hard. Fortunately, the rise of Latin novellas, YouTube content, and podcasts have provided much needed resources for beginners. But transitioning to authentic texts is still very difficult. How do we close the gap?

     The Theory

    According to modern SLA theory, people learn a language by consuming vast quantities of comprehensible material that is just slightly above their level and that they enjoy! We need more content that bridges the gap between easy novellas and Cicero.

     Our Solution

    Lucky for us tons of books targeting this level are already available in the Public Domain. Unfortunately, they are hard to access. Scanned and converted to PDF, they are difficult to read. Our solution is to transcribe these and publish them in an easier format.

  •  Easy Reading

     Latin Focused Text

    Our goal is to provide as much quantity as possible, so we've stripped all of the non-Latin sections from the texts including definitions, notes, and grammar to keep you focused on what matters.

    Remember: Read texts you understand and use the tools we provide to make it easier. If it's too hard, try a different book. It's as simple as that!

     Tap to Search

    Our solution to keep you engaged in the text, powered by Alpheios: double click any word to quickly search Whitaker's Words for a short definition and grammar information.

    Need more detail? Click the search icon for a detailed definition from Lewis & Short powered by Logeion.

    No more flipping to the back of the book!

  •  For Learning Latin


    Macrons make a difference in pronunciation and help learners distinguish noun endings, so we've added them to all our texts. You can also train yourself to not use them by disabling them in the settings.


    It's hard to learn a language when the spelling changes, so as part of our transcription process, we've normalized the spelling of all our texts. Now you can focus on reading, not memorizing archaic forms.

     Paragraph Numbers

    For teachers and tutors, paragraphs are numbered to make referencing the text easier. Paragraph lengths change based on font size and layout but the paragraph numbers are constant. Now you can be confident everyone is on the same page.

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